Friday, September 5, 2008

Seafood & Steak at Sidecar

I first heard about Sidecar, a newish restaurant in South Park Slope (560 5th Ave., 718-369-0077, from Brooklyn Based. They hosted one of their subscriber cocktail parties here back in the Spring, and I loved the interior, and drinks, so much I decided to try it out for dinner.

It's a dark-wood kinda place with booths along one wall and seating along the kitchen area in the back. We sat in the front, at a table overlooking Fifth Ave. through big, open windows. I made sure to order the eponymous cocktail which really is amazing. Sweet and tart and strong. And beautiful, served in this sweet little glass with sugar coating the rim.

We first chose an appetizer off of the specials list - Braised endive salad with beets and a creamy dressing. It was quite tasty, but it got cold fast and the dressing coagulated, which then made it kinda gross. Eh.

For a main course, my friend got the Seafood Salad, also from the Specials list. It. Was. Amazing!!! Really. It was an Italian take on the simple concept, and was so fresh and tasty and FULL of yummy pieces of calamari, shrimp, baby scallops, tomatoes, capers and basil. Delish!

I ended up ordering the Skirt steak with frites and two sauces on the side - a garlic aioli and a warm pickled cucumber tomato sauce. That second sauce was so good, I could have eaten anything with it spooned on top. The steak was fine.

I asked our waitress where they buy their meat and was told the name of a big meat wholesaler which disappointed me. I've been reading so much about food lately, how it's raised and grown, and I'm trying to limit my meat eating to what I call "Happy Meat". I want to only eat animals that are raised on small farms, by dedicated farmers who won't use hormones or antibiotics to get more meat out of their animals. I'm still grappling with this, and figuring out how I want to achieve my goal. I still ended up ordering the steak, but I didn't enjoy it much knowing that it probably came from a big CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) where the treatment of animals is less than kind.

Sidecar is really nice though. I'll definitely go back, but will probably stick to the veggie & seafood options, of which there are plenty.

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