Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meat & Cheese & Wine at Black Mountain

It's been a while since I've written about anything with meat; either be warned, or be enticed. I went to Black Mountain with a friend to dine on their little plates full of yummy food and drink robust red wine. Black Mountain (415 Union St., @ Hoyt St., 718-522-4340, is a cozy, comfy place that feels like a friend's country house dining room. It's full of wooden tables, the light is low and in the winter, they have a roaring fire going in their fireplace which is a rare treat.

We chose the Winter Salad, a mixture of lettuce, green beans, chick peas and cherry tomatoes, that comes with Potato Salad and Papadum on the side. The dressing was a nice, mustardy vinaigrette, light yet flavorful, and the potato salad was a creamy, tasty surprise.

We also got the Charcuterie Plate, an assortment of cured meats, pate, bread and olives. In addition to slices of crusty french bread were slices of Lard Bread, a local (Carroll Gardens) specialty. The meat was wonderufl, the mustard was strong and the olives was spicy and briney.

It feels kinda fun to eat at Black Mountain. The waitstaff is so friendly and ready to give suggestions should you ask, and there are so many items to choose from, there's something for everyone.

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