Monday, September 29, 2008

French Onion Soup & Moules at Bar Tabac

A friend and I met at Bar Tabac the other night for a good meal and lots of people watching at one of their outdoor tables along Dean St. People either love or hate Bar Tabac (128 Smith St. at Dean St., 718-9230-0918, I happen to be a fan & find their food decent, even if the service can be spotty.

We started out with some soups. The Potato Leek soup was really nice; the flavors full and fresh. It was however, all beige, so a photo will not be supplied. The French Onion Soup on the other hand is the one to get, this being a French restaurant and all, and is so photogenic in addition to being delicious.

Mmmmm, all that melted cheese, some of it slightly burnt. It was chock full of sweet onions and bits of soaked bread, YUM!

I then ordered the Chicken Liver Brochette, which is one of their many small plate type items. It was great, on skewers with pearl onions and zucchini, but there was A LOT of it, and so half of it came home with me for another time. It was great with the sauce and spread on the bread we were given baskets of.

My friend got the Moules and an order of Fries. Again, these are some of the best items at Bar Tabac. The mussels come piled high in a tangy, slightly creamy sauce, and were great to share.

The Fries come in a little metal bucket and are perfectly salted with both ketchup and mayonnaise for dipping. Delish!

Bar Tabac is a fun, lively spot with a variety of good food at reasonable prices. Big thanks to Serious Eats for the mention!

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