Monday, September 22, 2008

Breakfast Sandwiches at Fairway

Ah, the Fairway Cafe. I really do love it. The view most especially, but the food's pretty good, and is a good value as well.

On this visit I ordered an Egg & Cheese on a roll. This is a very basic and simple sandwich, but when done improperly is quite a disappointment. Not so at the Fairway Cafe. This breakfast treat came with a substantial amount of egg and a perfect amount of gooey, melty cheese. Yes, it's American cheese, but that's why this is a basic staple for breakfast. It's comfort food at it's best on a fluffy Kaiser Roll.

My boyfriend ordered the Ham & Cheese on a croissant. This comes a little bit more deluxe, with a side salad of abundant, fresh greens and a pile of perfectly salty potato chips. There's also the obligatory pickle spear, but it's needed, and it's good. It cuts the salt & grease with some tang. The sandwich was also nicely stuffed with it's components on a grilled, flaky croissant. Tasty.

And of course, I had to order a cranberry scone. If you read my former Fairway Cafe post, you know how much I love these scones. I mean, look at it! It's Gorgeous! Full of plump cranberries, causing the scone to burst apart, all crusty and sweet and excellent.

I got an iced coffee to go with this lovely breakfast and at Fairway, it's self-serve when it comes to pouring the coffee. On this day, they were offering Hazelnut and Mocha flavors, and so I decided to combine them into a one flavor. It turned out OK; a bit much after a while, but kinda nice for something different.

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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I just love that your review of Fairway's breakfast sandwiches is just as excited and passionate as other meals you've had. I have only gotten their egg and cheese, so I can only heartily agree with that one.

Once the weather is good consistently, I'll be checking out the sandwiches and view once again.