Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Good Fork - Entrees

Part Two of The Good Fork: Entrees

Upon the recommendation of the bartender at Sunny's, I ordered the chicken. He said it might sound pedestrian, but I'd find it to be excellent, which I certainly did. This chicken was juicy and savory, with the tastiest flavor. It's also organic, which is something I'm trying to limit myself to when it comes to eating meat. The potato-parsnip mash it arrives on top of is a wonderful alternative to plain potatoes, and the braised leeks on the side were nice as well, all in a creamy smooth gravy.

My boyfriend ordered the Striped Bass over Vegetables, which was among the specials offered that night. The fish was wonderfully done and needed no extras. Meaty and flavorful, with corn, spinach and parsnips, he rated it a thoroughly satisfying meal.

My sister ordered the Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Eggplant and Capers. There wasn't enough, and left her feeling a bit hungry. The eggplant was nicely done, but the tomato sauce was a bit flat. I don't think pasta is a strength at the Good Fork, but with so many other amazing options, it's easy to avoid.

Big thanks to Serious Eats for the mention!

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Nomi Lubin said...

Hi. We finally went here recently. Wanted to recommend the ravioli since you said the pasta your sister got was not the greatest. The ravioli was . . . unreal. I can't tell you exactly what was in it, but it had a combination of flavors that was just magic. Rich, but not too, and something slightly sweet that was just right.

We had a GREAT time there. Every single thing we ordered was lovely, and as you've said, the people are really friendly and welcoming and not "good restaurant-y".