Friday, June 4, 2010

Ice Cream from Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream

I had the good fortune of getting a pretty container of Vegan Ice Cream treats from Wheeler's Black Label Ice Cream Company. They're actually located in Boston, but they contacted me to announce that coming this summer they'll be serving their frozen vegan bon bons somewhere in the vicinity of McCarren Park. So naturally I said I'd give 'em a try!

In side the colorful box was an assortment of ice cream lollipops, some covered in plain dark chocolate, others included nuts. They were beautiful, nestled together, arranged in little paper cups.

I was given three different flavors, although they produce many more. My favorite of the bunch was the strawberry flavor. With chunks of real strawberries, it had the truest flavor, and was sweet & tart in all the right amounts.

There was a vanilla that was OK. Not quite vanilla, but nice in it's own right. The nuts were also a nice touch, slightly roasted, they added an earthy quality. There was a third flavor that I couldn't quite place (and they didn't provide an insert describing what they'd sent me). It was almost like nutmeg or cinnamon, some kind of astringent spice. It was good, if a little unusual.

So, keep your eye out for Wheeler's Black Label coming soon (hopefully) to McCarren Park, or thereabouts. Let me know if you spot them!

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