Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food News!

While not in Brooklyn, there's an amazing event this weekend at the New York Botanical Garden (in the Bronx) as part of their "Get Out and Grill" weekend. On Saturday, June 19th, there will be a talk given by Dan Barber (of Blue Hill fame). Always Order Dessert partnered with the Garden to host this event, which starts at 11:30am in the garden. There will be food to purchase, or you can bring your own lunch.

Back in Brooklyn, on Monday, June 21st, there will be a Pie Crust Workshop, co-hosted by Brooklyn Brainery's and Lauren Cucinotta from Pie in the Park. Four pro crust makers will show you how it's done, with plenty of pie tasting along the way. The workshop will take place at the Gowanus Studio Space (166 7th Street, between 2nd & 3rd Avenues, 347-351-5753), at 7:30pm. No advance registration needed. $15 gets you in, a slice of pie, and helps support the likelihood of more events like these happening in the future.

This weekend's Greenpoint Food Market has been canceled (due to NYC DOH being persnickety about food preparation licenses and paperwork ever since this article came out), but there will be a "Think Tank Potluck" on Saturday, June 26th instead, to answer questions, provide tips and info on finding affordable kitchens to cook small batches of tasty treats, and generally support one-another over this hurdle. Good luck! The GFM is awesome and I hope to see it back soon!

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