Monday, February 8, 2010

Brunch at Provence en Boite

Yuck. The meal I had at Provence en Boite (263 Smith St., at the corner of Degraw St., 718-797-0707) was one of The Most Disappointing. Ever. I had heard bad things, but decided to give it a try, and they are one of only a few spots open in the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area before 11am. Never again! We started out with lattes. One was lukewarm, one was cold. How do you make a cold latte??? We asked them to make another, and that came back warm, but both were tasteless, watery, $5 cups of yuck that neither of us finished.

I ordered an Omelette with Goat Cheese and Spinach. It was a huge portion, with a strange bright orange liquid oozing out of the seams. It was overcooked, and the proportions were off. Each bite did not contain equal amounts of each ingredient; there wasn't enough spinach, and the potatoes on the side were mushy and tasteless as well.

My boyfriend got the Country Breakfast, two poached eggs on country bread and a side of the same mushy potatoes. The eggs came on the smallest slice of bread you've ever seen. The eggs were decently poached, but the hollandaise sauce tasted like it came out of a can, and the proportions with the eggs and that bread were awful.

So, boo. The waiter was friendly enough, but the owner was screeching at everyone and trying to control everything behind the counter, in a very unproductive, inefficient way. I've decided to never eat here again - too much money for not very good food. MAYBE I'll stop in for a croissant because they do make those well.

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Matt said...

Provence en Boite is terrible. I once sat there waiting for my meal for 45 minutes, then got the wrong meal, then when they brought me the right meal 20 minutes later, it was terrible. The only thing this place does well is pastries.

Before 11 am, or after, go to Char 4 at Smith and I think Baltic. Opens at 10 am. Excellent food, decent service. The whole place smells like bacon--in a good way.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Ugh, that's awful. Yeah, Char No.4 is awesome. Love the fresh-made bacon smell. It's been a while, maybe it's time. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

They did bag the really bad staff and hired better and some French v stupid. The cafe there has always been a problem. I don't get it. The guy is French. Make coffee. If I do but cafe there I have to tell them what to do and even then they screw it up. Jean jaques is a PAstry chef. The best real croissants in the hood. Unlike horrible doughy ones at Marquette. And that guy is French too! Jen jaques now has the cafe in half of the old Patois space. He's trying. He really is. The food is bad. Stick with pastries andbthe croque madames.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know the family that owns the restaurant. Real crabby people. I went there once and i am never going there again.

Anonymous said...

Not crabby, dear, Fran├žaise...
stick to the fabu pastries.