Friday, February 12, 2010

Brunch at Five Leaves

I've said it many times, Brunch may very well be my most favorite meal of the day/week. So many ways to have both savory & sweet flavors. Coffee is usually involved. Also eggs. And so, we made our way to Five Leaves (18 Bedford Ave., at the corner of Lorimer & Nassau, 718-383-5345) for their breakfast fare (having really enjoyed dinner there about a year ago). The amiable host greeted us warmly and seated us at the bar to wait for a table to become available.

We sat and sipped our delicious (and expertly made) lattes while listening to the first album by The Cure.

My boyfriend and I split two dishes, like we usually do, to maximize the taste experience, and to achieve a good balance of the savory and sweet flavors. I started with my half of the Fresh Sage Scrambled Organic Egg Sandwich served on a Panino Roll with Aged Cheddar Cheese. It was terrific. The sage was subtle yet strong, with flavorful eggs, a light & flaky panino roll and strong cheese.

We also split an order of the Ricotta Pancakes served with Honeycomb Butter, Blueberries, Strawberries, Sliced Banana and 100% real Maple Syrup. These were incredibly light, not very sweet, a bit tangy with a face made out of fruit and rich honeyed butter. They were perfectly browned and altogether wonderful.

I love this place. The food is wonderful, the details are attended to and the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.

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omafoodie said...

I've been reading for over a year. I really appreciate your posts. Keep it going

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thank you! How nice of you to write. Thanks for being a reader!

Anonymous said...

this is the place Heath ledger invested in.

Eat It Brooklyn said...