Friday, December 18, 2009

Brunch at Buttermilk Channel #4

After a late Saturday night, I wasn't about to fool around with a new brunch spot. I needed to know I was going to eat well and have a good experience. So I headed over to Buttermilk Channel (524 Court St. at Huntington St., 718-852-8490). It's just so good, I knew it would perk me up. After a short wait, two seats opened at the bar which we snagged fast. It didn't take long to figure out what I wanted either - the Eggs Huntington, a short stack of pancakes and a side of homemade breakfast sausages. We got some coffee, a latte for me and regular for him, and our complimentary mimosas and watched the hustle and bustle from our cozy perch.

The Eggs Huntington are named for the cross street at which Buttermilk Channel is located. Poached eggs (perfectly done, btw) on top of a flaky & moist buttermilk biscuit and country ham, topped with fine hollandaise sauce and served with a small side salad. It's absolutely wonderful.

The Buttermilk Pancakes are also perfect. They're light, fluffy and slightly moist and served with real maple syrup & fresh sweet cream butter. I find them divine, with just a hint of powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

The Breakfast Sausages are no joke, either. They keep changing slightly from visit to visit, these were made with dried pear and were spicier than I've had them. They're also juicy and tender and taste amazing when some of the maple syrup gets too close!

If you haven't been here, you need to. They're Brunch menu is one of the best around. The wait staff is also pleasant, friendly and helpful and the space is bright and cheery, just what you want on a Sunday morning (they don't serve Brunch on Saturdays).


Anonymous said...

Ho Hum and lots of babies. Snooty bar staff. That "Ham" on the Huntington was Parma Ham. So salty and not good combo in the AM. I prefer the other hipster joint across the street, Prime Meats. Maybe dinner is better.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

It's too bad you had that experience. Yeah, lots of babies early on, but that doesn't bother me. People with kids deserve to go out too. I've sat at the bar a few times and have always had pleasant and friendly service. Maybe it was an off day? Prime Meats is definitely good too, but they have a much smaller breakfast/brunch menu.