Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch at Building on Bond

Walking into Building on Bond (112 Bond Street at Pacific Street, 718-853-8687) during the weekday is a strange experience. The place is packed but it's really quiet, save for the soft sounds of jazz or bossa nova playing on the stereo. Everyone has a laptop and is working intently which makes it feel like an office or library. I met a friend for lunch, and we felt like at any moment we were going to get shushed since we were the only ones engaged in conversation. It put me a little on edge, but the space is so nice and the friendly waiter who used to work the counter at the Boerum Hill Food Company is so gregarious, I soon felt at ease. The sunlight comes in through the huge windows and floods the two big rooms BOB occupies. Being filled with remnants from old businesses (metal shelving, card catalog-looking pieces and even old time-card units) lends an old-timey feeling, as do the restored windows that extend out from the walls.

My friend got the Reuben Empanadas, filled with homemade sauerkraut, corned beef, gruyere cheese and thousand island dressing. The kraut was underwhelming, as was that size of the empanadas. For the price ($7) we both thought there should be at least three, or two bigger ones. The dressing was tasty though and the dough was light and flaky.

I ordered the Turkey Club with sage marinated turkey, lettuce, tomato, apple smoked bacon and apricot rhubarb spread on cranberry pecan bread. This was quite good, especially the spread. The turkey was moist and substantial (didn't taste the sage though) and the bacon lent a nice smoky flavor to the overall sweetness of the rest of the sandwich. I would definitely get this again.

My sandwich came with Homemade Fries (I had a choice between them and homemade potato chips) and they were also really good. Nice and well-done, crispy and herb-y, they tasted like real potatoes! Hallelujah!

Building on Bond also serves dinner, has a good cocktail list and shuts their Wifi off at 4pm.

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