Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pizza at Aqui Estoy

In honor of Spring Break Season, I'm taking this week to highlight five meals I had during a mid-Winter's vacation in lovely Isla Mujeres, an island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, just East of Cancun. Happy Eating!

Too early for dinner but in need of a little snack, we happened upon Aqui Estoy (85 Matamoros) in the downtown area of Isla Mujeres. The pizza is wonderful, and available with all sorts of toppings - artichoke, sun-dried tomato, pineapple & ham, whatever you want. It's a popular spot too, with just a few stools out front, and a big crowd chowing down on the deliciousness. Unfortunately, I ate my little personal pizza (a small is about 6 inches in diameter) before I took a photo (we had been biking all day and I was REALLY hungry), but I did get a shot of the outside.

Fodor's gives it a rave review as well, so if you're in need of a snack before dinner, or if you're looking for a reprieve from guacamole and tortillas, then this is your place!

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Melissa Good Taste said...

I did the same thing the other day with my crab cakes - chowed them down before takign a photo~!