Friday, March 27, 2009

Dinner at Bistro Francais

In honor of Spring Break Season, I'm taking this week to highlight five meals I had during a mid-Winter's vacation in lovely Isla Mujeres, an island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, just East of Cancun. Happy Eating!

Our last night on Isla Mujeres! I had read good things about Bistro Francais (29 Avenida Matamoros, between Hidalgo & Juarez) in our guide book and it was appealing being on a side street just off of the main drag of Avenida Hidalgo - the hustle and bustle wears on you after a few days, and it's nice to have a break from the constant throng of people. Turns out, the Times even gave it a positive review!

We started out with Margaritas, naturally, to mark the end of our lovely trip. They were delicious, and came in festive glasses.

My mom got the Shrimp and Lobster (the shrimp were so good everywhere on the island, it was hard to order anything else; she's also a vegetarian) which was served with rice and a baked potato. The seafood was perfect - tender, moist and flavorful, the rice fluffy and the potato wonderfully flour-y.

I chose the Garlic Shrimp (also with rice and baked potato) which was terrific. Again, the shrimp was fresh and tender and flavored with garlic and butter, but managed to stay light and delicate. The shrimp in both dishes were grilled on a skewer interspersed with vegetables which were so yummy, like the cherry tomatoes.

For dessert we shared an order of Flan. This was incredible. Creamy, light caramel flavor, just a hint of sweetness. So good! A perfect ending to an excellent vacation.

I also read that Bistro Francais also served a great Brunch!

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