Friday, December 19, 2008

Tex-Mex at Lobo

Having just over an hour before our movie at Cobble Hill Cinemas, we decided to try Lobo, (218 Court St., between Baltic St. & Warren St., 718-858-7739) the Tex-Mex place on Court St. that's been there for a few years now. It used to house my favorite neighborhood brunch place (Harvest) - that fact and the grey, used-to-be-white pillows in the window have kept me away. I don't think I'll be back any time soon.

Now, I'm having a hard time writing this, because I'm hesitant to say anything bad about a place. I think in the last 6 months of posting, I've only been negative 2 or 3 times, so it's not the perspective I normally take. It's just that there were a number of areas in which Lobo went very wrong, and contributed to the whole experience being a disappointment. The Margaritas were very good, and I might even go back to sit at the bar for a drink and some chips, because the main room downstairs is very cozy and appealing in a Tex-Mex way. But the food...

I ordered the Vegetarian Mix Combination which was described as coming with a Portobello Mushroom Burrito (a small burrito), a Cheese Enchilada topped with Spinach Sauce and a Bean & Cheese Chalupa. The burrito tasted like dishwater, very funky and bad, a terrible thing to do to a Portobello. The Enchilada was mediocre, but had no spinach anywhere near it. Instead it was topped with huge chunks of green pepper and tomato, WTF? The beans also coagulated almost immediately which didn't't make me want to eat them. ~sigh~

The Chalupa was made with what tasted like cheese from a can. Even the shredded cheese on top of the lettuce was yucky. C'mon, where's the sharp cheddar? I ate only half of this. Ugh.

My boyfriend ordered Molly's Chicken & Cheese which is two Chicken (soft) Tacos and one Cheese Enchilada. The chicken tasted stewed and was OK. Not very flavorful, but not inedible.

The Cheese Enchilada seemed to be made of the same grody cheese and everything was covered in those chunks of green pepper.

Totally disappointing and afterwards we both felt kinda gross. Maybe some of their other dishes are better, and the service was really great - friendly and nice - but they've GOT to do something about that cheese!!!

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FN said...

I was glad you thrashed this place so I could agree with you. This place is NOT good, period.

Avoid it at all costs.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I think I posted a comment meant for Lobo on the following post. I'll blame my spotty connection. Anyway, come to Sunset for fantastic versions of the meals you had. I suggest Matamoros or Xochimilco, especially for tacos. They will make veggie versions if you ask.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

What's a good place to check out in Sunset Park?

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

For tacos, Xochimilco and Tacos Matamoros (both on 5th Ave at 45th Street) are the best. A lot of people disagree, but I actually like the mole and enchiladas at Tacos Nuevo Mexico. 4th Avenue has Isabela's, and it comes highly recommended (but I haven't been there).

There is also a take-out place on 45th just up from 4th that has great quesadillas and tacos if you get it on the right day.

For Dim Sum, Pacificana is great, and it's fresh because the turnover is so high there. For Bahn Mi, my favorite (that has been reviewed many times and now is very busy at all hours on the weekends) is Ba Xuyen. There are several other places to try them though. On 8th and 59th (maybe 58th?) another place makes them well also, but they aren't *my* favorite.

If you like tostadas, come in good weather for the carts in the park.

I have yet to catch up with your blog, so I apologize if I repeated places you've already been.

Anonymous said...

What's good: their brunch is great. Quick service, spicy bloody marys, and grilled jalapeno grits.

The place is off my list for dinner, but has been a consistently nice brunch.