Monday, April 4, 2011

Food News!

The 3rd-Annual Guactacular will be taking place on Sunday, May 8th at The Bell House. 20 "avocado hopefuls" will be competing for cash & other prizes. Hosted by NY Nachos, chips will be provided by Frito Lay and avocados will be fresh from Mexico. Brooklyn Brewery will also supply one beer to each attendee. Tickets are $15/$18 at the door, but I recommend you buy yours early as they always sell out way in advance of the event. For more information, go here.

Register by May 20th for the first Best Birthday Cake Contest to be held on Saturday, June 11th at the IKEA in Red Hook as part of their all-day Relay For Life event. The contest will be hosted by Fairway and the American Cancer Society of Brooklyn and will take place that evening at 5pm. They are looking for 30 professional bakers and 20 non-professional bakers to participate in the contest. There will be prizes and a fireworks display afterward. Contact Kristen LaGrua at for information on how to register. Good luck!

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Lee said...

Thanks for posting! I hope we see you there!