Friday, April 9, 2010

Lunch at Iris Cafe

Everybody is talking about Iris Cafe (20 Columbia Place, between State St. & Joralemon St., 718-722-7255). Having only opened this past November, it's already won the honor of being New York Magazine's pick for Best Cafe! Located on the cutest, smallest, quietest block in a small corner of Brooklyn Heights, the space itself is also terrific. Big and airy and quaint, there's plenty of space to hang out to sit and eat or read the paper. Even the little bathroom is sweet, with wildflowers in glass bottles and a window looking out onto the ivy-covered wall supporting the BQE going past. I went by one late afternoon with a friend to grab lunch, and we were both happy with our experience. The staff were super friendly and happy to be there, and you can get market-type stuff like eggs, butter and milk!

I ordered the Avocado and Cheddar Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and a spicy Aioli mayonnaise. The bread was lightly toasted and the warmth enhanced all the flavors. Packed with quality ingredients and coming on a big sheet of brown paper, it was a most delicious and beautiful dish!

My friend went the Salad route and got one with Sliced Boiled Egg, Ham, Cucmber, Walnuts and Corn. Fresh, crispy and flavorful, she enjoyed every bite and polished it off within minutes.

I couldn't resist getting a little dessert for later, and chose the Black Bottom Cupcake. It was good, but I would've liked more of the cream cheese stuff that you can see on top. It was light and fluffy, but a bit too subtle tasting, whereas the cheese was sweet and tangy but was so concentrated on top not enough of it went around to the rest of the cake.

A MINOR blip in an otherwise terrific experience. Can't wait to go back in the morning for an Egg Sandwich and Coffee.

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FN said...

You gotta get back there for breakfast. It is really good - especially the sweet treats.

Anonymous said...

Strange this place. Nice foods good coffee but smack dab on a historic side stret in white & rich old money brooklyn heights. This place is filled with laptop toting hipsters in the middle of the day! Now, the L stop is NOWHERE near this a long time area resident I am glad it's here after other places closed on this special block.