Friday, January 22, 2010

Breakfast at Tazza

I recently had the honor to join The Wandering Foodie for breakfast. He's in NY for his 93 Plates project, wherein he has three meals a day at different restaurants throughout the city, to make 93 meals in 31 days. We met at Tazza (311 Henry St., between Atlantic Ave. & State St., 718-243-0487), and enjoyed the good food and tasty coffee in the quiet atmosphere of the early morning. It's a great neighborhood joint, a coffee shop replete with pastries & sandwiches by day, wine bar by night. I had a latte, he ordered a cappuccino. Neither looked especially pretty, with no image made out of the foam so I didn't snap a photo, but the latte was creamy and strong.

I chose the Homemade Granola with Fruit & plain low-fat yoghurt. I love their Ricotta & Fig Panini, but I wanted to try something different. The granola was crispy & sweet, and was studded with tart, dried cherries & raisins and was topped with slices of strawberry & banana. The yoghurt was great too - thick & creamy and had a nice, strong flavor.

My dining companion chose the Steel Cut Oatmeal with milk, which came topped with slivered almonds, golden raisins and brown sugar. It was very milky, but nicely made. Good for a cold, winter morning. We also tried a plain marshmallow from Baked. We think it was a day old since it was a bit dried out and disappointing. I'm sure they're much better if you get them fresh. Overall I think Tazza is a nice place. The service was friendly, if a bit slow, and the space is serviceable for a casual get together. Just don't bring your computer expecting to hunker down for the day. There's a strict no-computer policy between the hours of 11am and 4pm.

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FN said...

The reason I love this place is because they sell the choco-peanut butter-rice krispie thingie from Baked. I don't have to go all the way to Red Hook to get my fix!

Bryan said...

I really enjoy tazza for breakfast esp since they have alot of tasty, healthy options.