Monday, February 2, 2009

Pork & Meat Vietnamese Sandwiches from Hanco's

Craving Hanco's sandwiches (85 Bergen St., between Smith & Hoyt Streets, 718-858-6818) but wanting something different from what I ALWAYS get, I decided to branch out and try a new flavor as it were. I chose the Classic, thinking it would be better than my usual tofu. It consists of roasted ground pork, Vietnamese ham, pate, mayo, butter, cucumber, pickled carrots & daikon radish and cilantro on a toasted french baguette. Lots going on here, and I found it to be too much. The ham was tasty, but the pate was weird, heavy and salty and the ground pork was questionable. I'm really having a hard time these days eating meat that I don't know the origin of. It just doesn't sit right with me, and therefore, interferes with my enjoyment of the meal.

We also ordered a Pork Chop sandwich, which is grilled pork chop, mayo, butter, cucumber, picked carrots & daikon radish and cilantro on a toasted french baguette. This was disappointing too. The pork had tons of gristley bits, was greasy and was overall kind of gross. Everything else is fresh and tasty and the bread is flaky and soft and perfectly sized. The meat is just not quality enough.

I'm totally going to stick with the Tofu and Sardine sandwiches next time, since they are beyond good and don't make me feel guilty about eating them!


BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I have to try this Hanco's every talks about. I stick to Ba Xuyen (8th Ave. and 42nd) for my veggie or sardine bahn mi. The avocado and the mango shakes are yummy as well.

Apparently, the #1 is insanely delicious to meat eaters. My husband used to get that a lot.

C'mon on over to Sunset for some food some time!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Hanco's is really convenient for me for delivery, but you're right - I need to get myself to Sunset Park for some food soon. I promise!

HoustonWok said...

you have to try houston vietnamese food if you get to travel to Houston, we have some of the best of Banh Mi around.

FN said...

I love Hanco's - especially the mystery meat sandwich you are talking about!!

Paris Sandwich in Chinatown is pertty good too.

I got Ba Xuyen on my "to-do" list, as soon as I get back to NY I am gonna try it.

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I haven't eaten a Vietnamese sandwich in a while and now that so many places have popped up, I'm way behind on this. Ahh, if only there were more meals in a day.