Monday, February 23, 2009

Meat & Cheese at Sample

I really like Sample, it's one of my favorite bars on Smith St. (152 Smith St., between Bergen St. and Wyckoff St., 718-643-6622). Not only do they have a wide variety of interesting cocktails and beer, but they have the tastiest little snacks including meats, cheeses, fish and pickled veggies. I went with a friend recently and the following is what we ate.

We ordered the Bresaola, aged dried beef that comes in big slices. It's chewy, like beef fruit leather, and it's marvelous. A bit salty, and earthy and really really good.

We also got come Piave Vecchio, a hard cow's milk cheese that's light and tangy and a dish of the marinated mushrooms, which were fresh, definitely not from a can, and perfectly pickled.

A few slices of apples and crusty bread are included to make for a delicious meal. It's my favorite way to eat actually - with a little bit of everything. Everything is of such good quality and like I said, the cocktails are great. I got the Latin Manhattan which is a twist on the classic drink. Instead of sweet vermouth and bitters it's Bourbon with Tamarind and Lime and it's absolutely delicious and unique. I whole heartedly recommend this place. AND, while we were there, the woman next to us was telling the bartender about an underground dinner party she had recently attended, so food fans of all stripes go there!

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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Sample is so yummy. I've eaten there on xmas eve, in the late afternoon, in the late evening, pre-dinner, good.

I especially like the warm white beans and the cheeses. The saketinis are excellent, too!

That said, I miss the very early days at Sample when the owners chatted and offered leisurely samples of wines and snacks. I'm sure the owners prefer the more brisk business, however.