Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food News!

I recently learned about, a free email newsletter and website. Subscribers get 30% and more off of meals at really great restaurants around the city. They recently wrote to me to say they're offering deals at Brooklyn restaurants as well, so check 'em out and support their expansion into Brooklyn. You should drop them a line and ask for more Brooklyn deals, too!

I also just heard about a Belgian program called Famous Food, a documentary series in which the favorite foods of various celebrities (Roald Dahl, Salvador Dali, Maria Callas, Johnny Cash to name a few) are prepared by Jeroen Meus, a well-known Belgian chef. I just love this concept! They're coming to Brooklyn at the end of the month to research Soul Food for a segment they're making on Jimi Hendrix. Any suggestions for them? You can also see the trailer for Famous Food here!

And, Brooklyn Beefsteak comes to The Bell House on Sunday, March 21st. There are two time slots available, but hurry, tickets are running out!


Enia said...

obviously, the place to research soul food is Brooklyn....

Anonymous said...

Mitchell's on Vanderbilt, in Prospect Heights, natch.