Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinner at Jake Walk #2

I wrote about The Jake Walk (282 Smith St., at the corner of Sackett St., 718-599-0294) last summer when the windows are left wide open and soft breezes waft through the space. I went recently, while it was still cold and blustery out, and enjoyed the cozy warmth. It's nice that it adapts so easily to match the seasons! The cocktails are delicious, in interesting and unique combinations, and are changing all the time. This was a wonderful concoction with citrus and gin and a tart, dried cherry as garnish.

We ordered the Lasagna Casagna with Butternut Squash, Chevre, Parsley, Carrot, Cabbage & Mozzarella. It was served in the dish it was baked in, with the melted cheese covering the mix of vegetables. It felt quite decadent, but packed with all that healthy stuff, I didn't feel so bad about enjoying it as much as I did. The textures were soft and comforting, the veggies earthy and clean, all combined with the tart goat cheese made for one amazing dish!

We also shared an order of the Venison Sausage Sandwich with Pickled Sweet Pepper Chutney, Turmeric Aioli and White Wine Braised Onion. The sausage was so strong and flavorful, the aioli spicy, the chutney added a bit of sweet and the onion provided a tart counter-balance to it all. I loved this sandwich!

The Jake Walk has something for everyone - veggie dishes, meaty things, plates of cheese and anything you could want to drink, from wines to spirits. Lovely!


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i enjoyed the jakewalk but felt like the bill added up quickly - had something like four drinks and the meat and cheese plate and it was the same price as a nice dinner

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Yeah, it's true. But so delicious and tempting!

Matt said...

Didn't realize the Jake Walk served prepared foods and not just the cured/smoked meats and cheeses. Thanks for the tip.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

You're welcome, Matt! Getting the prepared foods is one way to avoid a huge bill, too, as Julia pointed out can happen by getting cheeses & meats.