Monday, January 4, 2010

Breakfast at Ortine

Happy New Year Everyone! It's good to be back.
I am making a slight change to the publication of Eat It Brooklyn.
There will now be posts twice a week, on Mondays and on Fridays.

Happy Eating!

On a semi-desolate stretch of Washington Ave., with repair shops and construction sites, sits the warm, welcoming Ortine (622 Washington Ave., between Dean & Pacific, 718-622-0026). There are three tables in the front area, where the counter and tea assortment live which is connected via a long hallway to the larger back dining area. Mix & match cups and saucers lend a playful & colorful vibe, and the free wi-fi and nightly happy hour (closed Tuesdays), complete with Hot Wings from cage-free & organic chickens make for a round-the-clock goodness. They also boast having their own in-ground vegetable garden out back, a first for NYC.

I met a friend for breakfast recently and loved everything about our time there. I had read complaints about the menu being overpriced, but the prices quoted online were higher than they were on our visit. Perhaps Ortine's owners responded to their customers and adjusted? The latte was perfect - creamy, slightly bitter yet smooth and hot. I hate a tepid coffee. I ordered the Homemade Granola & Yoghurt (local), which came in a lovely ceramic jug. The granola was delicious, with pumpkin seeds and pieces of dried apricot. It was quite filling as well.

My friend ordered the Eggs Florentine which came baked in a dish with toast on the side. The eggs were wonderful - creamy, flavorful, with plenty of spinach and cheese.

The staff was friendly, the space bright and cheery and the food wonderful. I'm eager to try Ortine for dinner, and definitely will be back in the warmer months to enjoy the produce from their garden!


Anonymous said...

I love Ortine. I live around the corner and was so excited when they opened! The ingredients are so fresh and ever-changing for seasonal produce, love the soups, salads, pizzas, lovely backyard space, and nice staff. Glad to have them in the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

this place is a gem!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I keep wanting to try your rec's! So I was schedule to go to the Italian place you recommended - Fragole, I think, and then I got sick, plans got pushed back, and then again, and never made it. UGH

So, I propose we pick a date, and you show me around Brooklyn a bit. What do you think?

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Hey Jessica, That sounds like an excellent idea. You'll have to tell me what you know so I don't do any repeats. My mind is filling with all the delicious places we could go!