Monday, November 10, 2008

Dessert at Dressler

On Friday I wrote about the delicious Appetizers and Entrees my family and I had at Dressler's in celebration of my recent birthday. Today I'm going to focus on the two desserts we had that night.

My sister always gets whatever the chocolate option is and at Dressler's it was a Chocolate Souffle Cake with Thai Ice Cream and Cocoa Wafer. This was incredible. Served warm, it was smooth, rich and melty chocolate goodness. Slightly bitter due to the use of dark chocolate, but clean and subtly sweet; it disappeared in a matter of minutes. The Thai Ice Cream was interesting/weird though - it was kind of dry tasting, and bitter as well. It did offer a nice balance to the sweetness of the Souffle Cake, but was not something I'd enjoy on it's own.

We also ordered the Warm Pumpkin Brioche Pudding, one of the special desserts on the menu that night. This too was lovely - warm, custardy and dense, and served with Vanilla Ice Cream with Hazelnuts. It was a perfect seasonal treat, and was comforting on the chilly rainy night.

Eating at Dressler's is a wonderful, slightly lavish experience, and definitely worth the trip.


MiMi said...

Why no addresses?

Eat It Brooklyn said...

The previous post was about Dressler's and that's where I included the address. You can also click the link to the restaurant or the link to the previous post. Thanks!