Monday, October 20, 2008

Cake Man Raven

A friend of mine who lives in Ft. Greene had been wanting to take me to Cake Man Raven ever since she knew about this Food Blog. We made the trip together on a recent Saturday afternoon to the narrow storefront at 708 Fulton St., where S. Oxford St. & Greene Ave. intersect (718-694-2253). The sidewalk out front is crowded with lush tropical-looking trees and flowering plants, complete with a little bench for sitting and enjoying your slice of cake, should the weather permit.

As you walk in, you're met with two big deli cases full of plastic take-out containers with big, fat slices of Southern Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. That's it. You can get other flavors of cake if you're ordering a whole cake (German Chocolate, Pineapple Cream Cheese or Coconut Pineapple), but as far as slices, the Red Velvet is all you're gonna get.

Which is fine, actually, because it's amazing. Definitely go with a friend, because it's even too much for two to finish. The cake is dense and moist and subtly sweet. The frosting is thick and creamy and very sweet. Try to have some coffee or tea to balance out the experience, or else you might go into shock. It's a perfect, decadent treat. Check out Gastronormous's recent visit also!

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Donna said...

The cake may be good but the customer service is horrible and will leave with a sour taste in your mouth. Just try calling their number and see if you can ever get someone to answer the phone. I live in Boston and attempted to order a cake for my boyfriend's bday...the $100 charge for the red velvet cake + delivery went through on my credit card immediately. I tried to call the day it was to be shipped to see if I could get a FED EX tracking number... what a surpise no answer. I even sent two emails...andnot surprisingly I got no reply. I tried my luck again and called them the morning the cake was supposed to be delivered... After my my 5th call there someone miraculously answered....I should have known by the long periods of holding and the pure incompetence on the other end that something was wrong. The cake whose order was placed over a week ago>>> NEVER SHIPPED. "Chris" couldn't explain why it didn't ship or why I didn't receive a call informing me that it didn't ship. He could barely muster up an apology. When I inquired about my refund... he was very elusive and couldn't give me anything definitive other than maybe sometime next week. Absolutely unacceptable. We often criticize each other for not supporting black-owned businesses...this is the reason why. I will never refer to step foot into that establishment again. My advice to other customers is don't even bother because dealing with CMR is not worth the aggrevation in the long are only paying for incompetence.