Friday, October 3, 2008

Kielbasa & Bratwurst at Radegast

Radegast Hall Biergarten (113 N. 3rd, at Berry, 718-963-3973) in Williamsburg is a really big, fun place with a range of food options and like, a million types of beer. You can order a full meal, like Braised Rabbit, or you can help yourself from the "Self Serve" station at the back of the room with the retractable roof.

The retractable roof is opened up on nights when the weather's good. There are long wooden tables to sit at, and table service for beer and food from the regular menu. We opted for a mix of both.

We started out with the Charcuterie Plate, which has a number of cheeses from Murray's Cheese Shop. There was sweet and spicy sopressata, pepperoni and salami, as well as four cheeses that included the most amazing brie I've ever had. The goat cheese was on the harder side and was deliciously tangy. This all was served with two kinds of mustard, a spicy and a sweet, as well as BIG slices of Raisin Walnut Bread which was SO much nicer than slices of plain baguette.

We then ordered the Keilbasa with Fries and the Bratwurst with Sauerkraut. The Kielbasa went well with the spicy mustard and was so juicy and tasty.

The Bratwurst had a strong flavor but when paired with the sweeter mustard it tasted so good it quickly became my favorite of the night. The fries and bread were good too, but why bother with all that when there's such good meat on hand to savor.

It get's super crowded here, but since there's so much space, it doesn't feel cramped. Good for large parties and weekend celebration. Big thanks to Gastronormous for including us in their Friday Feeder post!

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Sounds like the place to take my mom for her birthday.