Monday, April 26, 2010

Lunch at N. 3rd

This week I will be highlighting meals I had on a recent trip to Philadelphia. While I'm not of the mind to think of the City of Brotherly Love as the 6th borough, I do love the fact that it's super easy & quick to get to, and there's tons of amazing food to sample while you're there. AND, Brownstoner just launched a Philadelphia chapter,so the overlaps are numerous and increasing.

Our first meal in Philly was lunch at N. 3rd (801 N. 3rd, at the corner of Brown St., 215-413-3666), a really cool bar/restaurant that's dark and cozy and packed with all sorts of loud & lavish art, sculpture & trinkets. We ordered a couple of pints and settled in.

We started with a huge salad made with mixed greens & Bibb lettuce, slivers of Granny Smith apple, red onion, candied pecans, bacon and blue cheese, mixed with a tangy, creamy dressing. I loved this salad - the way all the flavors both stood out individually and mingled beautifully.

We also got a Crispy Chicken Sandwich with guacamole, bacon, tomato, mayo and fries. Served on fluffy potato bread, this sandwich was giant! It was perfect to share and a delight to eat. Slices of perfectly cooked bacon combined with juicy, crispy chicken made for a satisfying treat. The fries were good too - skin on, well-done and nicely salted.

I loved this place and wish there were more basic, funky pub-like spots in Brooklyn.

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