Friday, April 30, 2010

Breakfast at Sabrina's Cafe

This week I will be highlighting meals I had on a recent trip to Philadelphia. While I'm not of the mind to think of the City of Brotherly Love as the 6th borough, I do love the fact that it's super easy & quick to get to, and there's tons of amazing food to sample while you're there. AND, Brownstoner just launched a Philadelphia chapter, so the overlaps are numerous and increasing.

Holy Shit! That's kind of all I need to say about the breakfast I had at Sabrina's Cafe (1802 Callowhill Street, between N. 18th & N. 19th, 215-636-9061) in Philadelphia. Woah! Let's start with the totally awesome and fun space - huge and open, with an open kitchen, tons of great artwork on the walls, knick knacks and tchotchkes and colorful tables and chairs, mixing styles and eras like there was no tomorrow. Now, let's move on to the food.

Stuffed Caramelized Challah French Toast with Cream Cheese & Bananas topped with Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup. This was No. Joke. I can't believe how decadent and creamy and sweet and over the top this was. Thank God I was sharing otherwise I might've had a seizure. I can't really say more. It was amazing and delicious and overwhelming and I loved it.

We also got an egg dish that consisted of Poached Eggs on English Muffins with Bacon & Spinach topped with Hollandaise Sauce. This too was decadent, but it a very different way. The portions were substantial, the flavors clean and strong and the eggs were poached expertly, with no runny white bits. Phew! The potatoes were decent - your basic roasted chunks of pillowy soft carb. Delicious with salt and pepper.

There's another Sabrina's on Christian St. and they offer gift certificates. You will not go wrong if this is the gift you give someone!

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