Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lunch at Fanny

Fanny (425 Graham Ave., between Frost & Withers, 718-389-2060), is a nice little spot on an unassuming stretch of Graham Ave. with a sweet, sun-dappled backyard. Sitting underneath the grapevines out back lends your meal a very 'European Afternoon' feeling. It's lovely, and the food was delicious as well.

My friend and I shared everything, and each dish was ample enough so that there was plenty of each to split in half. They were offering a special Brunch (on a Tuesday afternoon!) of Poached Eggs atop toasted country bread, with sauteed spinach, three grilled shrimp and a yogurt-tarragon sauce which sounded too good to pass up. The eggs were indeed perfect, as was the spinach - wonderfully seasoned and cooked just right. The bread was crusty and sourdough-y and the shrimp were excellent. It all tasted so good, neither of us bothered with the sauce.

We also split the Fried Fish sandwich with tartar sauce and a side salad. There were two big pieces of fish, lightly breaded & fried, flaky & tender and the salad (with buttery lettuce & other greens) was superbly dressed with lemon, salt & pepper.

I really enjoyed the meal, the service and the place itself, and am eager to get back to try out dinner!

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Justin said...

this looks like a spot i might want to try out

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

That looks yummy, minus the shrimp. I'm glad to hear they have brunch items during the weekdays!