Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dinner at Prime Meats #2

I'm on a quest to find and map all the Brooklyn eateries that serve hamburgers made with good meat - organic, local, grass-fed, all the qualities that lead to a more sustainable and healthy meal. Prime Meats (465 Court St., at Nelson St., 718-254-0327) is one of those spots that places a high priority on quality meat and the other ingredients they use in their food. They also pay close attention to all the other aesthetic details like lighting, decoration, server clothing and cocktail list, which all contribute to a wonderful dining experience. I had dinner here once before and really liked it so I was looking forward to trying some other dishes.

Take a look at this burger. It comes with pickled red onions, perfectly melted cheese, an excellently proportioned and tasty bun and a gigantic half a sour dill pickle on the side. Not to mention the substantial order of thin, nicely salted fries on the side. So good. The meat is done exactly to your liking and tastes like good meat should, robust and juicy.

On this particular visit we also got an order of the Weisswurst which arrives in a pot of hot water and comes with a soft-baked pretzel & sweet (and delicious) mustard. The pretzel was so incredible - the crust was hard but the inside was pillowy soft. The sausage was amazing too, loaded with all sorts of amazing herbs and spices, it was almost buttery soft.

I really am loving Prime Meats. I'm looking forward to trying it for Breakfast; they're open at 7am every day of the week!

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