Monday, March 2, 2009

Burgers at Dumont

This meal is probably going to be familiar to a lot of people, being that Dumont (432 Union Avenue, between Metropolitan Ave. and Devoe Street, 718-486-7717) has their regular restaurant AND an outpost on Bedford that are both very popular with burger-eaters and non-burger eaters alike. This popularity and fan-dom is totally and completely warranted.

I first noticed the bun that my medium-rare burger arrived on. It was perfect - the crust nicely crisp but the rest soft enough to squeeze into the burger, yet not too soft to completely fall apart. The bun didn't overwhelm the burger either, which is an all-too-common mishap with burgers. Pickled onions are a nice touch, and are oh-so delicious. Sliced pickles accompany the burger as well as a spear, so you can both garnish your sandwich AND eat a pickle on the side. Can't not love a place that values pickled foods as much as Dumont!

I got mine with sharp cheddar that was perfectly melted and had a good, robust flavor. The fries were also great, well-salted and with parsley flakes too, they're well-done and crispy and none are left over at the end.

For dessert my friend and I shared the Warm Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie with Coffee Ice Cream and Hazelnut Brittle. Woah, this was great. The brownie was cakey, moist and light and serving it warm makes you feel like it was baked especially for you. The coffee ice cream tasted real, not chemically, and the brittle was sweet and salty and perfectly chewy.

Dumont is a great place, with great food, and warm and attentive waitstaff. The front room feels like a bistro in Paris whereas the back covered deck is more casual, and well-heated in the winter. Good for dinner with friends or family, as there's something for everyone. Offering Lunch and Brunch hours as well!

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Jamie said...

Looking at what you have eaten and reading the descriptions makes me soooo hungry! Boy do I miss New York! These burgers look the best!

FN said...

I'll have to go back to check out the burger here. I went to try the three-cheese mac n cheese, which I didn't like much.

I would like to throw out a burger reco that you should check into. It was the best burger I've had in the BK:

Hideyoshi said...

I need that burger.

El Blogger said...

Hey have you ever tried the burger at Dram Shop on 9th Street in Park Slope? I love it and would love to know what you think.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

I -have- been there but haven't tried the burgers. Now I know what to order! Thanks El Blogger!

El Blogger said...

Let me know what you think...the fried and cheese is not bad also :)