Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food News!

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Book Giveaway!!!

The Red Hook Mercado coming back May 15th! For over 30 years delicious, traditional Central American food has been cooked and sold at the Red Hook Ballfields, including dishes made by New York Vendy First Prize Award Winner Fernando Martinez of Country Boys and Summer Stage headliner Rafael Soler of Soler Dominican. There will also be new vendors joining the regulars this year, including Erin Norris of the forthcoming and much awaited for sausage parlor Grindhaus. Norris will be serving Spicy Bitches, a kind of corn dog produced for Norris by Brooklyn’s own Meat Hook. FattyCakes NY will also be there! Owner Jennifer Taylor has created a Brooklyn cookie company that will custom bake cookies in any flavor combo you want. She's also got some crazy combos of her own for sale, including the Movie Theater Cookie, a chocolate chip cookie with buttered popcorn and gummy fish ‒ can wait to check it out!

Book Giveaway! One lucky reader has the chance to win one of a these vegan, gluten free or raw food cookbooks. One winner will be chosen, all you need to do is comment on this post and tell me why you want one of these books. A winner will be picked on Monday, May 10th. Good luck!

And don't forget about tonight's Guactacular, taking place at the Bell House. Call to see if tickets are still available.


Katherine said...

So excited to see this giveaway for a vegan cookbook! my hubby is gluten and dairy free and lord it is hard! excited to see this way of cooking/baking become so much more pronounced

Kristin said...

Cinco de Mayo without a Sunset Park entry? No puede ser!

That's okay, I'm sure you'll get around to savoring more good stuff from the nabe soon. Summer is the time to do it!

I'd love the book, but I'm still working through Coe's _Chop Suey_- half way done. Thanks again for that!

Lee said...

No tickets for Guactacular.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Katherine - First commenttor!!!

Kristin - ouch! I've been slacking a bit, lots going on in the non-blog life! Take mercy!

Lee - Thanks for the heads up. What a bummer!

Shobun said...

I love this blog. Its gotten me to some great places in other neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Thanks. Also, I'm making another go at keeping a vegan diet and a cookbook would help.