Monday, April 6, 2009

Brunch at Enid's

I've written about Enid's before (560 Manhattan Ave. at Driggs Ave.) but for dinner. Well, they have excellent brunch foods as well, which I was fortunate enough to enjoy recently with some friends. There's lots to choose from, and it definitely leans towards the hearty and comforting, with biscuits, hash and scrapple on the menu.

One of my favorite dishes is the Leek & Potato Hash (you can also get it with Bacon mixed in for a little extra), two eggs, any style, and more potatoes on the side. I chose this, with eggs over-easy and loved it because it's SO delicious. The hash is delightfully crispy on the outside and ever so slightly salty with lots of sauteed leeks throughout. The eggs are nicely done, with runny yolks but cooked whites. The potatoes are nothing to write home about, but I was so happy with the hash it really didn't matter.

There was Scrapple on the Specials menu, which was made from pork sausage, and came with a two eggs and a side of collard greens. One of my friends was brave enough to try it (plus a biscuit because they're so damn good) and was thoroughly rewarded. It was served in slice form, like meatloaf, but was a kind of soft consistency, as if the sausage was shredded. Lightly spiced, it was quite savory and surprisingly good. The collard greens were a little over-cooked though.

Another friend ordered the Museli & Fruit with soy milk, one of the more 'healthy' options at this vegetarian and vegan-friendly spot. This was decent, but not anything too special. The fruit was fresh and the museli included dates and raisins.

There was also an order of the "Hungry Bear" - buttermilk biscuit, two eggs and grits with gravy. It doesn't look like much - being so beige - and the gravy was a bit on the heavy side. Not the favorite of the morning.

There are also delicious brunch cocktails like this Mimosa - champagne & orange juice - what a pretty way to start your Sunday!


Lauren said...

Agreed on the overcooked collards and oversauced biscuits. It's too bad -- Enid's used to have the best brunch!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks for the comment! That one dish wasn't so good, but there are other things that are much better. Although, I haven't been in a while, has it gone down hill even more? Where's your favorite brunch spot in Greenpoint now?