Friday, August 15, 2008

Pancakes & Eggs at The Little Purity Diner

I love breakfast. The Little Purity Diner in Park Slope (390 7th Ave. at 12th St., formerly Katina's) offers the standard diner fare in terms of breakfast, but I was happily surprised with the dishes we had there. You can also get a bottomless cup of coffee and enjoy a leisurely, relaxed pace without being rushed out, especially during the weekdays.

I ordered the Eggs Over Easy, with a side of potatoes and turkey sausage. The eggs were PERFECTLY cooked – a runny yolk to soak up with the toasted wheat bread, and the whites were solid, with no gross raw bits. The potatoes were also great, with red and green bell pepper mixed in, and browned just so. The turkey sausage was interesting. A little….dry I guess, but they tasted OK. The toast comes out already buttered, which I love, because the best time to butter toast is when it’s right out of the toaster and hasn’t had a chance to cool off. Excellent.

The Pancakes. I’ve only recently started ordering pancakes again. Too often they’re just heavy and thick and too much of the same thing. I think people are making better pancakes nowadays, or maybe I’ve just located the best pancake joints around. New Purity Diner is definitely one of those spots; the pancakes are delish. These are the Banana pancakes, loaded with slices of Banana, and a side of Turkey Bacon, which was much better than the sausages.

They don't have real maple syrup at New Purity, but you don't really expect it, right? The breakfasts are better than decent, and are such a bargain. All of this food, plus coffee and juice, was $22, with tip! Yay breakfast!

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aj said...

ok, scroll down through your photos. you love the pig! xo

ps can you ask your readers if any former vegetarians decided to start eating fish and felt positive health benefits? im considering.